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Did you know, if you live in Ireland and have a mobile phone, you automatically get at least 250 free webtexts each month from your provider (e.g. O2, Vodafone, Three, Meteor). And if you live outside Ireland you can easily set up a free account with any of our 50+ supported providers and avail of the lowest international SMS rates.

Jelly SMS lets you to send SMS text messages internationally, giving you the convenience of not having to log into your provider website each time you want to use your webtexts. All this while lowering your monthly phone bill!

Jelly SMS looks after all this for you, in one tidy little app that runs on iOS and Mac OS X devices.

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Use multiple 'User Profiles' - useful when you have a few accounts in one household

Instant Send - Log in only once first time, messages sent almost instantly every time in the background.

Messages History - so you can forward or read later

Delivery Reports - Know precisely when your message has arrived (O2.ie & My- Cool-SMS.com only)

Group Texting - Send to multiple recipients at once

Money Back Guarantee with My-Cool-SMS.com (*when you have less than 5 SMS sent)