We are happy to announce version 1.6 which brings support for O2.co.uk. This allows O2 UK and Northern Ireland customers to use Jelly SMS to SMS  free and low cost SMS depending on the number of texts you get with your call plan.

Hope you enjoy and happy texting!

Version 1.6 is out now
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One thought on “Version 1.6 is out now

  • June 20, 2009 at 9:29 pm

    HI, I have installed JellySMS on my Iphone on the 3 Ireland network. WOrked fint till the upgrade to version 3 of iPhone firmware. I deleted and reinstalled the application but it did not make any difference. When you are writing a text and you want to delete a character, it keeps giong on deleting till all the text is deleted, also it hung once with the key I was pressing staying on on the machine.

    A great app and I use it all the time. The provider I use is VOIP Buster.

    Many thanks.

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