It’s been a long time coming, but I hope you’ll agree, it will have been worth the wait!


Jelly SMS 4.0.0 is out now in the iOS app store. The universal app for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, is a free update for existing users and packs a ton of improvements, and a few new features which I hope you like.


Jelly SMS has been torn apart and rebuilt from the core, all the way up to the new user interface. There are over 50 changes in this free update. I hope you like them. Here are just a few:



    – New UI. Take a look. All retina display optimised.


    – New message sending core: no longer do you have to wait for the last message to send. You can instantly begin typing your next text straight away. Just keeping pressing ‘Send’ and Jelly will queue them up and out to your friends.


    – New contact selector: just like the native Messages app


    – Send messages greater than that allowed by your provider limit: Jelly will split them into chunks and send them in bits automatically.


    – New progress indicator: let’s you know what’s going on all the time.


    – Your account balance is updated frequently keeping you up to date on what’s remaining.


    – Contact pictures for each conversation


    – Auto-sync of your app preferences: update a preference in your iPhone-it updates the same preference on your iPad.


    – New indicators will let you know if an international number is not supported by your provider.


    – You can now edit user profiles without having to delete them.


    – New chat reply field: just like the native Messages app, you can quickly reply to a conversation right within it.


    – Messages are sent directly from the app to your provider. No third party servers are ever used, protecting your privacy.


    – If your data connection drops, or another error occurs, you now have the option of sending the message as a regular SMS or iMessage via the Messages app.


    – Delivery reports for O2 and users are now listed directly under each message after a minute or two.


    – Other applications can open Jelly SMS using the jsms url scheme. Great for texting groups.


    – The entire code base has been recompiled to run using ARC, which means that it uses less memory and is optimised for iOS 5, meaning a better experience for you the user.


    – Instant fixes can now be applied to all users if a provider changes their website. No longer will you have to wait for an app update with the fix!


Now it’s time for me to rest, and you to text!



Get the update now! 

Jelly SMS 4 is out now
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