My brother's essay on Lifeflow and Holosync

Jelly SMS for iOS for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad, lets you quickly and easily send texts while on the go.

Jelly SMS has been praised as being the most reliable webtexting app on iOS. It is also the easiest to use, and most gorgous to look at.

Like the iPhone built in SMS app, you can compose messages in the way you'd expect, either in portrait or landscape, choosing contacts from your phone book. The app works on all Irish networks which have webtexts, and is the best app in its class at utilising those.

"What can I say? This App is simply fantastic. Easy to set up - A nice simple interface & delivery reports... I purchased Jelly and it works first time every time - Fast and effective - Worth every cent! Well done!"

Send messages to contacts as you would in the native SMS app

Support for multiple* 'User Profiles' so you can easily switch between different providers (*deluxe version only)

Delivery reports (only for and O2 Ireland users)

iOS Multi-tasking: Messages will be sent in the background if you exit the app immediately after pressing send

Shorten long URLs so they will fit into the SMS

Send your current location by SMS

This app is accessible to the visually impaired.