If you are using Jelly SMS from the Mac App Store and experience a crash, you might want to reset it.
Download and uncompress this file:


Then simply right click on the file, select Open, then Open again and run the application called Fix_JellySMS_Mac_v1 and restart Jelly SMS.
If you are still having problems, I recommend downloading this file and running it. (right click on the file, select Open, then Open again ). Note: this will delete all your database information and you will need to re-login to your providers.


iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

To reset on iOS:

  • go into the iOS Settings app > Jelly SMS >
  • Turn ON ‘Erase all local data’
  • Relaunch the app.

If you are also using iCloud in Jelly SMS, you might want to reset the online data.

To reset iCloud for Jelly SMS:

  • Go into the device Settings app
  • Go to iCloud
  • Go to Storage and Backup
  • Go to Manage Storage
  • Select Jelly SMS
  • Click ‘Edit’
  • Click on ‘Delete All’
  • Now you should delete and re-install the app itself to clear out it’s local iCloud database

Windows / Linux

If you are running on Windows or Linux, delete the .JSMS folder in your user home folder. E.g C:\Users\james\.JSMS (note that this is a hidden folder so you will need to first enable hidden view in Tools.)


How to reset Jelly SMS

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