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At work or home and want to send a few fast SMS messages from your Mac?

Use Jelly SMS from the Mac App Store to get your message out to your friends-by typing it on a full sized keyboard, in a fast and lightweight desktop app.

Jelly SMS has been designed with tight integration with Mac OS X. For example, the app autocompletes contacts and groups from the Mac Address Book, and you can call a contact using Facetime, Skype or Cisco Jabber

Note: The older unsupported Java version for Mac is still available for download here. Please note however, that the Java version is no longer supported, and will not be maintained in future. See here for more info on that.

Message Signature

Spell checker

Send multiple large SMS at once

Send to multiple recipients at once

Message history and delivery reports ( and only)

"This is a fantastic, simple to use, must have app for your Mac. Great looking. Highly recommended."

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